PM Nominates Adar Poonawalla As Brand Ambassador For Swachh Bharat – APCCI Covers 800­km of City Roads Daily

PUNE : Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent nomination of Pune industrialist Adar Poonawalla, as ambassador for the Swachh Bharat mission, comes in recognition of his major initiative towards a cleaner and greener Pune.

Launched in January 2016, with an initial investment of ₹100 crore, the Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative is a first of its kind public-private partnership towards efficient and scientific waste management.

This environmentally sustainable initiative, undertaken by Serum Institute of India is aimed at making Pune more liveable.

This project began with the deployment of 12 state-of-the-art Glutton Litter Picking machines, three Trilo Suction machines and five auto tippers in the heart of the city. Today, this initiative has spread to the entire city with a strength of more than 100 Glutton, 33 Trilo, 28 tippers and two truck-mounted road sweepers, cleaning over 800 km of roads every day, including more than 450 chronic garbage dumps across city. This is done with a team of 300 personnel and NGOs working diligently on this project.

According to the project managers, this initiative is mapped with the help of an app (myapcc) specifically designed for the purpose of reporting garbage and resolving it. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store for citizens to download and participate in this initiative.

With the active involvement of PMC and citizens the project has shown positive results in approximately 40 per cent of Pune, helping the city achieve a ranking within the top 15 in the Swachh Bharat Sarvekshan. The initiative is focusing on creating awareness amongst the student community of both, schools and colleges across Pune. The importance of segregation, is stressed to ensure Pune city is more liveable.

Source: Hindustan Times e-Paper (8th September 2017)