20 March, 2020

"More could die from Bankruptcy if we tread on livelihoods"- Adar Poonawalla on Hunt for a vaccine

India is now in a 21 day lockdown. But there are concerns about what happens next. A fiscal package will need to be a priority. Adar Poonawalla, the CEO of the Serum Institute tells Barkha Dutt that the efforts are on by his team of researchers to build an effective vaccine, one he hopes will be in the market by 2021-22. Till such time as the world finds one he says the only solution is risk-mitigation. But this should be done in a balanced way her argues "The Virus is here to say. So we need a plan for next steps. We should try that the minimum level of activity that a country needs to move is maintained. Else danger that bankruptcy, riots and crime can possibly kill more than the virus. "

Source: MOJO (20th March 2020)